GSG Merit Awards

Nominations are now closed.

Each spring, the GSG sponsors three awards to honor outstanding work by two graduate students and one faculty mentor.

These are described below and are titled:

  • Exceptional Student Scholar
  • Exceptional Student Leader
  • Exceptional Graduate Mentor

Graduate students and faculty may nominate their colleagues, students, faculty advisors and fellows. The nominations are voted on by the whole GSG E-Board (GSG Principal Officers and Committee Chairs) and, for this year, they are due by 5:00PM on January 16th, 2015.

The awards are presented to the recipients at the GRC banquet on February 26th, 2015 at 6:00PM.

How to nominate?

Both faculty and graduate students are welcome to submit a brief (600 word max) letter nominating a currently enrolled graduate student and/or current graduate mentor. Please demonstrate the nominee's achievements with specific examples of his/her contributions as described in the criteria below. Self Nominations are not accepted.


  • Do not nominate GSG Principal Officers or Committee Chairs.
  • A nominator can nominate no more than one student or faculty member under each category.
  • One student can be nominated for only ONE award.
  • Nominator should be a faculty member or enrolled graduate students of MTU during the current academic year.
  • Self nominations are not accepted.

    Where do I submit the nomination letter?

    Once nominations will be opened, a submission link will be provided on the sidebar links on the left side.

    How is GSG going to evaluate the candidates?

    Evaluation of nominees will be based on but not limited to

    The Exceptional Student Scholar

    • Excellence in Academic Pursuits
    • Performance inside and outside the classroom (as both a teacher and a student)
    • Research and achievements
    • Publications and presentations
    • Exceptional work ethic

    The Exceptional Student Leader

    • Ability to work well with others
    • Participation in extra-curricular activities and achievements
    • Contribution to department or overall graduate student community
    • Collegial attitude and demeanor
    • Recognized by others as a standard bearer of integrity

    The Exceptional Graduate Mentor

    • Collegial and Professional Excellence
    • Advocacy for his/her students and other graduate students
    • Available and encouraging to students
    • Awareness to current disciplinary trends and opportunities
    • Inter-disciplinary Communication and Collaboration
    • Creativity to avail new opportunities to students


    If you have questions about the awards or how to nominate someone, see the guidelines above or contact the current Academic Chair.